The European Federation of Sea Anglers was formed in 1961 by a group of International anglers who were taking part in a fishing festival being held out of Looe in England. Many of these anglers had fished together for a number of years and six nations were represented in this formative group: Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Holland and Scotland.

Within three months of its formation no less than 16 countries were represented in the Federation, either by formation of member sections or by the affiliation of existing clubs. In 1962 the Federation joined the International Game Fish Association and has been in membership continuously since that date.

The objects of the Federation, as laid down at the time of its formation and still in force today, are to promote the sport of sea angling and maintain the list of European Sea Fish Records and to keep a watching brief on all commercial fishing activities in European waters.

One of our rules, which we are proud of because it was ahead of its time when promulgated in 1961, and which we still rigidly enforce, is that the Federation shall have no restrictions or limitations based on race, colour or creed.

One of the functions of the Federation is to stage the European Sea Angling Championships. These championships have been held annually since 1962 and are held in a different country each year.

Host countries have included Gibraltar, Scotland, Iceland, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Holland and Wales. In addition to the European Championships a Species Festival is held each year, with the more recent addition of the European Game Championships and Shore Championships. The Federation is governed by a Standing Committee which consist of the office bearers of the main body together with two delegates from each of the member countries. Meetings of the Committee are held three times a year in various centers in Europe. There are at present twenty countries in membership of the Federation and the membership, both affiliated club members and individual members now totals many thousands. The Federation has grown steadily since its formation and is still expanding.

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