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03/08 : EFSA Scotland Comps 2016 Entry forms for the EFSA Scotland 2016 comps are available here  more >>

08/09 : Top Scott Wins European Boat Championships in Orkney Scotland’s Scott Gibson continued his recent good run of results when with a maximum of 300 points he lifted the EFSA European Boat Championships crown last week.  more >>

07/06 : EFSA European Boat and Line Class Championships 2015 The boat draw for the EFSA European Boat and Line Class Championships 2015 can be downloaded from heremore >>

05/25 : INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS BOAT CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015 The EFSA (Scotland) Individual Members Boat Championships will take place on Saturday 19th September out of Arbroath, entry forms can be downloaded heremore >>

03/19 : EFSA Scotland Cod Festival 2015 The EFSA Scotland Cod (Boat) Festival will take place out of Arbroath on 30th & 31st May 2015. The entry form and further details can be downloaded heremore >>

10/28 : EFSA Scotland Individual Members Shore Competition - Dunbar 2014 The weather was very good,  all the anglers enjoyed themselves and most importantly everyone caught fish some more than others.  more >>

10/05 : European Boat and Line Class Championships 2015 The 2015 European Boat and Line Class Championships will be held in Stromness in Orkney Scotland.  more >>

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